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Nin Cestopisy, Mapy a Sprievodcovia

Jeremy Gray
Lonely Planet | 02/2008
Some come to Amsterdam for the anythinggoes party scene, some come for the Golden Age art and thriving theatre, but noone leaves without being bowled over by the merchants villas lining the canals, the gracious parks and the laidback,...
cena: 16.52 € (497.68 Sk)
Zora O'Neill
Lonely Planet | 01/2009
The Amsterdam Encounter guide gives you twice the city in half the time.Candlelight on old wood, the glimmer of evening light on the canals, high art, high times, friendly and progressive locals Amsterdam. Such an easy city...
cena: 9.68 € (291.62 Sk)
Hannelore Schmitz
Bergverlag Rother | 2003
The Azores, previously known primarily in connection with weather maps, has drawn more and more visitors in recent years. Nine different islands of volcanic origin belong to this archipelago, which, politically, belongs to Portugal. Corvo, the smallest...
cena: 15.74 € (474.18 Sk)
Rough Guides | 10/2006
The first edition of the Rough Guide to Baja California explores the peninsula in its entirety. From the frenetic border town of Tijuana to the spectacular setting of Los Cabos, the 24page fullcolour section introduces all of the regions highlights....
cena: 24.05 € (724.53 Sk)
Ryan Ver Berkmoes, Adam Skolnick
Lonely Planet | 04/2009
Shake off the nine to five and get where the living is easy. Easy like sunny surf beaches, zipping around on motorbikes, Mandi Lulur massages and drinking in the sleek bars of Seminyak. Cant you just feel the water at your toes?ul...
cena: 20.48 € (616.98 Sk)
Rough Guides | 11/2005
The Rough Guide to The Yucatán is the ultimate handbook to Mexicos vibrant peninsula. Features include Fullcolour section introducing the regions highlights. Vivid accounts of all the sights, from the Maya ruins at Uxmal and Chichén Itzá...
cena: 26.05 € (784.78 Sk)
Červenka Jaromír
Epocha | 2005
Kniha Jaromíra Červenky vás zavede do Bangladéše, tedy do země, která přestože je v podstatě regulérní pevninou, doslova plave na vodách. Ze stránek jednotlivých kapitol vás osloví příběhy lidí, plné překvapení a často velice drsných momentů...stejně...
cena: 10.41 € (313.61 Sk)
Damien Simonis
Lonely Planet | 10/2008
Visca Bara! Theres nowhere quite like Barcelona, and soon you too will be echoing its famous catchcry. Walltowall architectural and artistic gems. Enough drinking and dining options to confound the greediest gourmet. Feisty locals,...
cena: 17.96 € (541.06 Sk)
Damian Harper, David Eimer
Lonely Planet | 08/2007
Beijing is an ancient city rushing towards the future at breakneck speed. Its economy is roaring, gleaming skyscrapers are shooting up and the Olympics are on their way. Be dazzled by its headspinning blend of history and future. The onl...
cena: 16.52 € (497.68 Sk)
Paul Nigg
Bergverlag Rother | 2004
Paul Nigg, der Leiter der Bergsteigerschule BerninaBergell in Pontresina, ist wohl einer der kompetentesten Autoren für die Bergeller Berge. Er kennt das Gebiet seit Jahrzehnten und hat dort einige der schwierigsten Klettertouren selbst erstbegangen....
cena: 24.28 € (731.46 Sk)